The Natural Way to Stop Lactation
No lactin is a safe and natural medication that may help reduce milk production and hence stop lactation. Read more

Safe and Natural Medication

No Lactin contains Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine 100mg) per tablet. Pyridoxine is a safe and natural vitamin which has shown to be beneficial in assisting with decreasing of milk production and hence may aid in the stopping of lactation for mothers that want a safe and natural alternative to stop breast feeding.

Most conventional drugs are associated with many side effects and one of the advantages of No-Lactin is that it does not have many of these side effects. With so many different available drugs as well as many unwanted side effects, the current trend is to switch to more safer and natural alternatives of medication.

Pyridoxine at a dose 200mg three times daily, or in the case of No-lactin, 2 tablets three times daily for 5 days may be beneficial to stop milk production in lactating woman. No lactin may also be beneficial in decreasing breast pain as well as breast tenderness.